The Bath and District Amateur Radio Club. 

                Bath and District Amateur Radio Club

Welcome to the Bath and District Amateur Radio Club (BADARC) held on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Masonic Hall, Redfield Road, Midsomer Norton at 19.30hrs.

The link above points to the entrance. The walled car park is round the back of the hall.

The Bath amateur radio club has been running on and off for many years, within that time, locations have changed and clubs have closed,over the last couple of years many local hams have discussed the possibility of starting a new radio club and at the same time welcoming  members from further afield.So as of the 25th of April 2013 the Bath and District Amateur Radio Club was formed.(BADARC)

The Bath 70cms repeater has been working well apart from occasional interference that is suspected to originate on the University campus somewhere. It usually persists for half an hour or so and causes the repeater to continually send its "K" beeps. It is possible to talk over it if your signal is strong enough. Echolink access is working well too although some internet stations, particularly those using mobile phone apps have the send audio set much too high which overloads the sound card in the PC.

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Thursday 23rd November

Ever wondered what all those strange beeping and warbling noises are at the bottom end of our HF bands just above the CW section?

This month we are having an informal practical data modes evening with a club station set up to attempt to work some stations using modes like PSK31, FT8 and JT65.

These are all weak signal modes and it is quite possible to work stations with just 5 watts and a small antenna so for someone with a small garden or nowhere to put up a full sized antenna these modes could be what you are looking for.

Come and join us at 19:30 at the Masonic Hall in Midsomer Norton.  All welcome.

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In October we screened an episode of TxFactor, a documentary series about all aspects of Amateur Radio.