The Bath and District Amateur Radio Club. 


Bath Based Distance Learning Courses  


The Bath Based Distance Learning team (BBDL) helped nearly 800 students to pass the Advanced exam under the old syllabus. Between 2011 and 2019 over 28% of the total UK Advanced exam passes were BBDL students and the pass rate was over 80%, compared with a national average of 65%.  


After reworking their training material, the team are back up and running. They have now run successful courses for the new Intermediate and Full Licence exams. Both courses were very successful with pass rates over 90%. Over 80 BBDL students have now passed the Full Licence exam. 


Full Licence Training 


Applications for the next Full Licence course, which will run from the end of August to December 2021, are now closed. There are no further spaces available; the Full course is full. There will be another course in 2022, probably starting at the end of August.


Intermediate Licence Training 


The next Intermediate Licence course is likely to start in January 2022. An announcement will be made here, and in the amateur radio press, when the dates are finalised. 


If you are interested in being added to the waiting list to join a course, please contact team leader Steve, G0FUW. Via e-mail; [email protected]