The Bath and District Amateur Radio Club. 

How does it work?

Basically, we hold weekly classes that will take you through the official textbook (we cover about 6 or 7 pages a week). Classes are in central Bath and run every Wednesday 7-9pm for ten weeks.

Each week you will receive about 10 revision questions based on the previous week’s work. These help us, and you, gauge your progress.

We also provide e-mail copies of any material handed out and links to videos that explain things more, or show you how to do some things.

The e-mails mean that if you miss a week, you can catch up in your own time.

Which Text book do you use?

Our training is arranged around the RSGB book, Intermediate Licence; Building on the Foundation. The book is now in its 6th Edition and is included in the course fee. If you already have a copy please check on the edition number; there have been exam critical changes since the 5th edition. There are also important updates to the 6th edition due to changes in the licence rules.

What are the key dates?

The course is planned to start on Wednesday 26th of October.

The course ends with an exam at 19:00 on Wednesday 25th of January.

What is the exam like?

Not much different to your Foundation exam, except it has 45 questions and it covers the Intermediate material. The pass mark is 27 which is 60%. It will be marked locally to give you an indication of whether you have passed and the formal results will come out about a week later.

Are there any Practical Assessments?

Yes there are, the course is quite 'hands-on'. You will carry out a number of practical assessments during the course. These involve making a DC circuit, using test meters, fitting plugs, calibrating an oscillator and building a radio related project. These are all good fun and help prepare you for the hobby after the course.

What is required for the radio-related project building assessment?

The syllabus requires you to build something like a receiver, or a piece of test equipment like an SWR meter. We usually arrange a Buildathon to cover that part of the assessment where the whole class builds the same project at the same time. These have been very popular and have had amateurs travel from far and wide to take part.

The next one will be on Saturday the 7th of January 2016 but the project is not yet finalised. 

Attendance at the Buildathon is not mandatory; your project can be built at home and then assessed like your other practical tasks.

How much does this cost?

The course costs £85 (£75 if you are on our current Foundation classes). Fee includes:

  • Text book (if you already have it, Course Fee is reduced by £6)
  • Practical parts (except the project)
  • Room Hire
  • Exam Fee

Costs can be paid in two stages, £50 in advance and the rest half half-way through the course.

The Buildathon will have an additional fee of around £50 (to be confirmed; it really depends on the project).

Do I need any equipment to complete this course?
The exam states that you can use a silent non-programmable calculator. These can be purchased usually for under £10.00.

It also helps if you have your own soldering iron and multi-meter so you can complete work at home, but that is not mandatory. Advice on which are appropriate will be provided, but nothing 'high spec' is needed.
How do I sign up?

 Download form or contact Steve by post or email at the addresses below to request a registration form.

Complete the form and return it with a cheque or postal order for the appropriate amount payable to ‘S Hartley’ before Saturday the 22nd of October and we will do the rest.

Send competed form and any relevant fees to:

S Hartley,

5 Sydenham Buildings,


BA2 3BS.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications, e-mail [email protected]