The Bath and District Amateur Radio Club. 

CW Classes at B&DARC

Several members have shown interest in learning CW and at least two of us who passed the 12 WPM morse test some years ago and hardly used it since would like to re-learn so we have decided to hold an introductory session at the club meeting in November and follow it up with further classes at the monthly meetings and regular on-air practice sessions.

There are some very good software applications available now that will take you from a complete beginner to a proficient operator and even allow you to be a bit competitive in the process so progress can be made in between the face to face meetings.

We have two members who use CW regularly and will be able to help out too.

The CW classes got of to a good start at the November 2016 meeting. Robin G3TKF and Malcolm G6NT are both regular users of CW and have offered to help with practice QSOs. 

We have two classes, 'Beginners' consisting of Steve - M0SBY, Paul - 2E0GHT, Dave - G4NKT and Trevor - G8OEU who wasn't at the meeting and the 'Improvers' Chris - G4KVI, Andy - G4RIC and myself - G4OTJ.

The Beginners are getting to grips with the G4FON software to learn the characters and the Improvers are getting together on 160m to practice some actual QSOs 'amongst friends' before attempting to actually call a stranger.